Ice Castle in Listvyanka
One of the most popular winter attractions open in Listvyanka settlement December, Ice-castle, sculptures and slides appeared here by the Lake Baikal shoreline. The newly carved ice castle offers guests to glide down the ice slopes and wonder around the ice figures.

Spectators will be able to observe even more ice sculptures that should be made when Lake Baikal freezes. An ice skating rink will be found on the water body of lake Baikal near the ice-castle. It will have a long crescent shape same as shape of lake Baikal surface. Ice artists from all over Russia will carve numerous ice sculptures here during the Crystal Nerpa ice sculpture festival. The festival was held for the first time last year, and it will hopefully become the annual event at Lake Baikal. The Crystal Nerpa was a qualifications stage for teams who competed to represent Russia in the World Ice Art Championship.

Elena Sidelnikova, the head of the Crystal Nerpa festival, explains: «The World Ice Art Championship organized by Ice Alaska is the annual competition that takes place in the USA. Russian team who wins the Crystal Nerpa competition will be selected to participate in the world championship of 2011 as a part of Russian national team.

Another ice-castle with slides is open at Taltsy Museum of Wooden Architecture, where children of all ages and adults can slide down the ice slopes. In Irkutsk the ice slides are also situated in Lisikha residential district and at Decembersts’ Square. All slides are opened to public from 10 am to 10 pm.