Lake Baikal - the Pearl of Siberia

Lake Baikal – freshwater lake in the south of Eastern Siberia Position: between 55 ° 46.3 ° northern latitude and 109 ° 57.5 ° east longitude and 51 ° 27.5 ° north latitude and 103° 42.5 ° east longitude

Height above sea level: 455 meters

Age: about 25 million years

Flora and fauna: about 2600 species

Maximum depth: 1637 meters

Size: 31500 sq km

Volume: 23000 km3

Length of the Lake: 636 km

Greatest width: 79.5 km

Minimum width: 27 km

Length of coastline: 2000 km

Number of Caps: 174

Number of islands: 26 (largest island: Olkhon)

Number of inflows: 336 (Largest inflow: Selenga)

Number of outflows: 1 (Source Angara at Listvjanka settlement)

Average temperature of the water (open sea) in the summer: max. 16 ° C, min. 0 ° C. Maximum temperature of the water at the coast in summer: max. 24 ° C.
The warmest water is measured here: Mukhor (Maloe More - Small Sea) and Chivyrkuyskiy

Period of ice formation: mid-January to early May Period for passenger transport on the lake: 17 May to 10 November, except Listvjanka - Port Baikal, here all year round ferry service is possible as a result of the flow (source Angara - outflow), no icing