Settlement Polovinnaja Baikal railway km110 - Holiday Village Baikal Beach

The small settlement Polovinnaya with 37 residents is located directly on Lake Baikal and the old Baikal Trans-Siberian railway. Lena’s small kiosk opens if you use the bell above the shop window only and offers a small assortment of drinks and foods. Most people living in the settlement are self-sufficient. Fresh bread delivered by train Matanya, running 4 times a week between Sljudyanka and Port Baikal, fresh eggs they get from the chickens in the village.

The mobiles work, but directly along the railway line only. The children go to school in Sljudyanka, if somebody got acute illness, a doctor comes by helicopter or speedboat. A Siberian idyllic world with occasional power outage, which nobody really bothers.

Most residents get extra income by fishing. Polovinnaya is a popular point for special trains to stop for a photo shooting, because nowhere else you find such a picturesque Lake Baikal. Polovinnaja is an ideal starting point for your tours at Lake Baikal in nature, a perfect place for a relaxing holiday, alone or with family.

The settlement and your holiday village are still close enough to the cool Lake Baikal, so you will not be plagued by mosquitoes. Only 700 meters away is one of the most beautiful Baikal beaches, with opportunity for campfires and barbecues. Since 2010 there are tracks to wander around.

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